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Over the last
0 years
the development of agriculture in Central America has caused critical environmental impacts.

ResCA aims to improve the livelihoods of farmers and fishers

by achieving

Food Security

Resilience to Climate Change

Through piloting innovative solutions and by working across different scales, this project will develop healthy agricultural systems that build resiliency to climate change, conserve natural habitats, and strengthens local economies.


Boasts emblematic landscapes, tropical forests, coral reefs and historically rich cultures.

ResCA aims to influence policy that builds capacity and mainstreams a Healthy Agricultural Systems approach for land and seascape conservation in Central America. ResCA proposes to strengthen and scale up sustainable value chains while ensuring social and economic indicators are improved for farmers and fishers.


Resilient Central America (ResCA)

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Our goal

Implementation of Healthy Agricultural Systems that drive more resilient communities in the face of climate change and propel food security into a new era in Central America.

Resilient Central America



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