Jorge Cardona

Coordinator, ResCA Guatemala

Jorge has more than 15 years with The Nature Conservancy. He is now serving in Guatemala as the Coordinator of the ResCA project and the Forestry Specialist of the Guatemala Operating Unit of TNC. He is responsible for leading projects in dry forests for both conifers and broad leaf trees. Before his position with TNC, he worked as the Project Director for the Climate, Nature, and Communities Program of USAID for three years. In that position, he was responsible for ensuring effective conservation in the Guatemalan project sites which included dry forests in Valle de Motagua, pinyon and juniper forests in the Guatemalan high plains, and the tropical rainforest of the Mayan Jungle. Jorge works to create solid relationships with local and national partners through providing support to the working groups organized to establish and administer effective management of protected areas. He was responsible for supervising the National Association for Supporting Implementation Program (NISP) in Guatemala through collaborating with diverse government and non-government actors to help the government reach their agreements in virtue of agreements in the Convention on Biodiversity.