José Alejandro Sosa Cuellar

Technician, ResCA Guatemala

Originally from the department of Mazatenango Suchitepéquez in Guatemala, Alejandro is an Agronomic Engineer. He is certified in Guatemala as a manager of forestry projects and in avian fauna. He has served as Regent of Natural Resource Management and as the Forestry Regent in Guatemala for Protected Areas. He has studied capacity and land use and has more than 23 years of experience in the field of natural resources, ecotourism projects, ecosystem restoration, biological connectivity, watershed management, and with studies to monitor biodiversity in the western high plains zone of Guatemala and the volcano chain. During these years, he worked as Agronomic Manager of tropical crops in the western high-plains region and with sheep, cattle, swine, and poultry.

Now, as an Agronomic Engineer, Alejandro serves as the ResCA Project Coordinator in the western high plains of Guatemala. He works with the support of the 4 project partners; FUNDAECO, CDRO, AGEXPORT and ASOVERDE. With the partners, he creates actions for resilience and adaptation to climate change through intelligent management and practices for sustainable agriculture, livestock, and natural resources in the focus area for watershed and ecosystem conservation. As an important part of these actions, he also initiated the reactivation of the Node for Climate Information with the support and technical leverage of the University of San Carlos of Guatemala (CUNOC). At the same time, he leads technical GIS project aspects, the creation of a zoned map for sustainable land use for Guatemala with the support of TNC Guatemala team, ResCA Guatemala, and ResCA Mexico.