Luis Enrique Cerón Ruiz

Coordinator Communication - Resca El Salvador, FUNDEMAS

Luis is a professional in the corporate communication field with 10 years of experience working on organizational communication projects for companies, NGOs, public relations, and Socially Responsible Business (RSE).


Luis has been involved with the corporate communication field with organizations like Business Foundation for Social Action (FUNDEMAS) and Media Coachers. He has coached organizational communication directly as well created articles and printed materials for corporate communication strategies, social media communication, publicity, public relations, and other digital media. Additionally, Luis teaches at the Dr. José Matías Delgado University in the School of Communication Sciences. His classes include corporate social responsibility, organization culture, and the management and execution of social marketing. Finally, he has also worked as an international consultant in the Hill+ KnowltonStrategies communications agency.


Luis has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Science and two master’s degrees in Strategic Directions. He has also taken classes and earned certificates in business consulting, local development, information management, strategies of project communication, development of multi-sector projects, and corporate social responsibility.