Maythé Cornejo de Rivas

Coordinator - ResCA El Salvador, FUNDEMAS

Maythé is a corporate communication professional and investigative journalist focused on business engagement strategies. She has post graduate studies in environmental management.

Maythé’s principal areas of experience are centered around communicating development strategies with businesses with an emphasis on business continuity planning, strategic plans for communicating change, stakeholder engagement, and RSE strategic projects to prevent violence, foster sustainable communities, and recruit volunteers.

In terms of environmental management, Maythé led the Sustainability Strategy for SABMiller, a global business, and she has developed internal environmental management plans for many other companies. She has also led sustainability projects in agreement with businesses’ models for dealing with human rights, HIV-AIDS, responsible consumption, ethics, transparency and compliance.

Currently, Maythé is leading the Environmental Management Area of the Business Foundation for Social Action (FUNDEMAS) and two high-impact projects on Sustainable Agriculture and Livestock and Circular Waster Economy. With 23 years of experience, Maythé firmly believes sustainability needs to be efficiently and effectively communicated in order to change behavior in any sector, surpass sustainability challenges, evaluate and mitigate risks, and capitalize on opportunities for the benefit of everyone.