Creation of innovative Water Funds in El Salvador to contribute to water and food security

El Salvador, April 29 2019
Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the Asociación de Cuencas del Golfo de Fonseca (ACUGOLFO), the Fondo de Inversión Ambiental de El Salvador (FIAES) and ADEL-Morazán will form two Water and Agriculture Funds (FOAG) to protect and restore springs in the north and east of Cerro de Cacahuatique, El Salvador. These investments will finance actions aimed at water security and food security. The investments are based on the promotion of agricultural, soil and water practices, which enable greater retention of rainwater. The practices also increase the resilience of the communities during the dry season, improving the quality of their crops.
Also, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) conducted a study to identify water recharge zones for their regulation and conservation. This guarantees the quality and quantity of water that reaches the municipalities of the region. This initiative helps tackle the water security and agro-productive challenges that El Salvador faces.
Early last week, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and the Fondo de Inversión Ambiental of El Salvador (FIAES) signed an agreement to restore the ecosystems of El Salvador. This effort will allow for better management of water and soil resources in the country’s agricultural practices. The restoration of ecosystems addresses the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), especially those related to climate change, the eradication of poverty, food and water security and the conservation of biodiversity.