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Central America is a region that boasts emblematic landscapes, tropical forests and historically rich cultures. From the ancient Mayan civilization to the diverse wildlife, it is a region ripe with potential.

However, starting in 2015 with the El Niño climatic event, the region has begun to see insufficient and erratic rainfall with has led to the loss of staple grain crops and thousands of cattle deaths. Already dealing with alarmingly high poverty and malnutrition rates, the effects from climate change have impacted the most vulnerable: small-scale farmers.

ResCA’s solution is to improve the livelihoods of these subsistence farmers by aiming to tackle two principal challenges: food security and vulnerability to climate change. Through piloting innovative solutions and by working across different scales, this program will develop new agricultural models that build resiliency to climate change, conserve natural habitats and strengthen local economies.

With partnerships across the private and public sector, ResCA will promote systemic change and deliver scalable results across the agricultural sector.

ResCA proposal

Key Pillars

Promote policy changes

Build capacity and mainstream a Climate Resilient Agriculture approach.

Strengthening and scaling up

Sustainable value chains

Promote productive land and seascapes approaches

Water conservation

Strengthen social and economic livelihoods

For farmers and fishers.